School Tours
Offered Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Closed Tuesday

Thousands of school children visit Pumpkin Works through school fieldtrips.
We offer an educational fun tour for classes in September & October.
First fieldtrip at 9am IL time (10a IN time).  Special times available on request. 

We have designed self-guided tours to enable you to go at your own pace.   Each tour includes access to the Discovery Barn, Museum, talk with Petunia the Pumpkin, three mazes and a hayride in any order that you wish.  And once again, it is at your pace.  The hayride is the only firm time.  We accommodate wheelchairs.


Option A - 2 hours:
Guided Tour and Self Guided Tour
Take the hayride through the woods to Uncle Fred's Pumpkin Patch to pick your pumpkin, learning about the crops, trees and wildlife along the way. Back at the barns you will walk through a corn maze (Mystery), open-air pipe maze (Spider Web) and a straw maze (Oliver's Trail). Mazes vary depending on the age group.
The cost of this two hour tour is $6.00 per person. (a $20 value)
Teachers are free.


Option B - 1 hour:
Self Guided Tour
Enjoy walking through a corn maze (Mystery), the open air pipe maze (Spider Web), and a straw maze (Oliver's Trail).  Pick your pumpkin from the pumpkin yard.
The cost of this one hour tour is $
4.50 per person. (an $11 value)
Teachers are free.

Plan to arrive a few minutes early.

When you arrive, the teacher should go to the Old Farm House Store to pay for your group.


As always, admission for teachers, aides, and bus drivers is free.

Parents' fees must be paid by the teacher as part of the class, in order for them to go with you.  

Please collect money prior to your arrival, so your tour will not be delayed.


Our picnic area is on the west side of the parking lot if you wish to eat at Pumpkin Works. The Pumpkin Bin is available on cold, rainy days.

Buses can park close to the picnic area.

Students may play in the silhouette yard before or after your tour time.


The Old Farm House Store has several items ranging in price from 5¢ to $1.00. Please have a 1-6 ratio when bringing your class into the store, so students will have the help they need.


Items needed for your trip: medical supplies for any students with allergies or asthma; a plastic shopping bag for each student's pumpkin, labeled with a name; and a camera.



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